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El Colmado was born from the fundamental principle to offer the best selection of hand-picked products that Spain has to offer. At El Colmado we maintain a direct line of origin for each specialised item. As a foundation, all of our relationships begin with every farmer, producer and artisan of each unique product and we ensure a high level of control in quality, consistency and safety. We are determined to deliver fair and competitive value for all of our services and merchandise by working exclusively from production to supply and demand. Our pride and passion lies in a carefully curated catalogue of products for our customers.


About Us

Our founder was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain and have loved food since his childhood. He gave up on his dream of becoming a professional chef because of his parents' opposition. The passion for food and ingredients made him travel to explore the world's gastronomy at early age exposing him to the culinary culture of each country and region, accumulating the most touching and happy experiences. In 2015, El Colmado Melbourne was established in Australia as a bridge connecting people who eat and create food with unique experiences. In 2020, El Colmado Japan GK was established in Tokyo as a hub for the Asia Market.

We sincerely look forward to meeting new customers while maintaining the trust of our existing customers. Thank you for your continued support of El Colmado.

Olives Fields

創業者はスペインのバルセロナ出身で幼少期から食べる事が大好きで、両親の反対が有りプロの料理人になる夢は諦めましたが、その後20個国に渡り世界の美食を探訪しました。各国,各地のガストロノミー(美食学)に触れ、この以上無い感動や幸せ体験を積み重ねて参りました。得難い経験を糧に食べる人と作る人を繋ぐ架け橋として、2015年にEl Colmado メルボルンをメルボルンに設立し、2020年にアジアの処点としてEl Colmado Japan 合同会社を東京に設立しました。既にお付き合いの有るお客様との信頼を守りながら、さらに新しいお客様と出会える事を心から楽しみにしております。どうぞEl Colmado を末永くご愛顧いただくお願い申し上げます。

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Tomato's Fields


Food is the source of human life, health, and happiness. We will strive to increase the smiles of people around the world while respecting.



Based on many years of experience, we aim to be a company that can contribute to society by evolving the market, mainly in Europe such as Spain, Italy, France, and Australia, through business and service innovation.



Description of business 

We carry out import agency business in cooperation with each manufacturer such as European food, ingredients, wine, kitchen goods, which is our strength. We also cater to a wide range of needs from large supermarkets, corporations, and individuals. We offer free proposals and consultations, so please feel free to contact us. We'll be expecting you.


Company Profle

Company Name: El Colmado GK

社名: El Colmado Japan 合同会社


Address:   169-0073

                  2-25-8 Hyakunincho

                  Okubo House 306

                  Shinjuku, Tokyo

所在地:     〒169ー0073



Founded: 07/02/2020

設立年月日: 2020年2月7日(令和2年)


Business Content: Import agency and consulting for various dry and frozen foods and food ingredients.

事業内容: 各種ドライ、冷凍食品、食材  (個人用、業務用)の輸入代行、コンサルティング

Country of Origin Main Products: Spain, Italy, France, Australia

主な商品 原産国:  スペイン、イタリア、フランス、 オーストラリア

Main Bank: PayPay Bank

取引銀行:  PayPay 銀行

Initial Capital: ¥5,000,000

資本金:  500万

Import Licence Number / 輸入コード:P002BL760000


T O K Y O - M E L B O U R N E

+81 (0)3 6908 7526

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